Digital TV Antenna Repairs & Installations

Installation of new TV Antenna

Is your old antenna causing you problems? Tired of seeing ghosting and interference? Are there lines and pixilation in your pictures? Or do you need an upgrade to a full digital antenna? We offer a wide range of Australian made antennas to suit your requirements.

If you need TV Antenna Repairs you will receive:
  • Quality made TV Antenna to suit your situation
  • Alignment with Digital Field Signal Meter
  • New RG6 Quad Shield cable to splitter or first outlet (if possible)

Other Options:
  • New pole mount (roof tripod, or fascia mount pole)
  • Kingray (Australian Made) Masthead TV Amplifier (booster)
  • Recabling of TV outlets

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Digital TV Antenna Installations

Repairs & Reception Problems

Old Antenna

Most UHF Antennas are still okay for receiving digital reception, however, a lot of antennas are getting to an age where wear and tear are affecting their performance and they may need replacing.

Cable is too old

The digital TV signal has to be protected from other signals. Other frequencies imposing themselves on the digital signal is called spurious interference. An example of this is when a light is switched on or the fridge is opened. Because the TV cable is in the roof with electrical cable when a light is switched on it creates a magnetic field which interferes with the digital signal. Having the right cable will minimise this effect considerably. We only use RG-6 Quad shielded cable.

Splitters, connectors and wall plates

I have done plenty of jobs and the common fault that households have is they have the old saddle type splitter, and wall plates. For digital TV it demands a higher degree of protection from spurious interference so we only use F-Type splitters and wall plates. These type of connections help prevent any interference from mixing with the digital TV signal.

Line of Sight

This is a crucial part of the installation. If there are large hills or obstacles around your house or your house is at the bottom of a hill this can be harmful to achieving good quality digital TV signal. It is not all bad, all you have to do is call me and I will come around and give a free quote and 9 out of 10 times I can fix it.


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